Medimagic APP

Medimagic is the application version of S3D Medimagic for self-directed learning.

Salient features of Medimagic app

  • Self-directed learning – control
  • Learn on the go anytime, anywhere any device
  • Comes with adaptive bit-rate streaming for seamless experience
  • Online accessibility with offline capabilities
  • Pre-learn, practice and post-learn – Evaluate – Learn – Master
  • Personalized learning through pre, practice and post tests with analytics
  • Affordable subscription models with unlimited access




Higher Level Knowledge Transfer, Faster Learning & Higher Retention

  • Learning created with fusion of three modalities – kinesthetic, visual and auditory experiences benefit with faster learning, higher retention and greater level of cognitive skills
  • Stereoscopic 3D med-ed solutions empower the learners to visualize engaging and immersive content with depth perception, multi-angle visualization and real-life mimicking environment

Standardized Learning Platform

  • Self Directed Learning
  • Bridge the knowledge gap at an individual level and at scale across rural and urban learners
  • Challenging digital illustrations decoded with Pen-Sketching tool, easier than never before

Price Sensitivity

  • Affordable pricing to suit all socio-economic classes

Change Management

  • We deliver as per the Systemic approach, which has an integrated learning approach with problem-based approach

Digital Self Learning Trend

  • Digital savvy Gen-Y and Gen-Z have accepted and used to the digital way of learning through APP’s

Self-Evaluation Platform

  • Pre tests (Prior self-evaluation) Practice tests (Motivation) Post tests (Confidence & Mastery)

Interactive Learning

  • Actively engage in an interactive learning ecosystem through rating, sharing and interacting


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