Tutor/ Classroom Version

World’s first stereoscopic medical educator aligned to the curriculum with a seamless, authentic, high-resolution and real-like 3D animations

Salient features

  • Robust teaching-learning platform with stereoscopic 3D effects – view at a touching distance
  • Fusion of three modalities – kinesthetic, visual and auditory experiences benefit with faster learning, higher retention and greater level of cognitive skills
  • Aligned to the MCI curriculum and global curriculum with integrated learning
  • Engaging and outcome-based learning
  • Stunning depth perception and multi-angle visualization
  • Digital board annotations with in-class sharing

The Technology Involved in our products

  • 3D Projector: High-definition DLP projector which supports SBS mode.
  • Modulator: LCD screen that converts active 3D to passive 3D.
  • Silver screen: Similar to the movie screen that has 2.4 gain silver coating.
  • Annotation tablet: Wacom Digital tablet that comes with a stylus which helps in annotation.
  • Audio equipment: Mixer, amplifier, Sennheiser wireless mic, speakers
  • Offline server (CPU)
  • 3D passive glasses or 3D active glasses


  • Stereoscopic 3D med-ed solutions empower the learners to visualize engaging and immersive content with depth perception, multi-angle visualization and real-life mimicking environment
  • Audio – Visual aid higher retention span and narrate the complex topics in a simplified and understandable manner
  • Bridge the knowledge gap at an individual level and at scale across rural and urban learners
  • Challenging digital illustrations decoded with Pen-Sketching tool, easier than never before
  • Pre-learn prior to class to make your classed more interactive for a higher level knowledge transfer from the faculties

Benifits To Faculties

  • Standardized teaching platform across faculties
  • Simplifies the teaching-learning methodology with greater engagement
  • Make teaching more efficient (time & effort) and effective (right way)
  • Can focus more to inculcate critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making skills
  • Use pencil sketching animations for easy medical illustrations

Benifits To Management

  • Increase NIRF ranking status for qualitative and quantitative benefits
  • Establish a robust and standardized teaching – learning process
  • Attract better students and faculties
  • Interacting methodology to transform passive classrooms to active
  • Resource planning
  • Market themselves as the Digital trendsetters


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