In today’s world, the budgets are constantly shrinking while the class sizes are increasing, and the amount of knowledge learners need to absorb is growing. Today, there is a strong need for new digital learning solutions that enable teachers to teach more with less – time, money and experience. The world of business is prioritizing creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving and thereby making the traditional methods no longer sufficient to teach students, especially with the availability of online information. Students have a wide array of distractions which are much more appealing than the education, hence there is a need for a robust digital learning system that is scalable and entertaining to awaken the student’s curiosity for learning and make learning addictive.

Emerging technologies are reshaping medical education and health care in several ways – how consumers access it, how and which providers deliver it, and what outcomes are achieved. From virtual classrooms to mobile learning apps, collaborative learning to regularly upgrading teacher skills, digital transformations have brought about unprecedented changes in the modern education system. Unfortunately, most institutions have yet to transform the core processes and tasks at the heart of their operations.

Blended leaning which includes face to face teaching and digital learning not only ensures effective learning but is also a cost-effective teaching approach. At Vinformax, we have developed products that involves stereoscopic 3D teaching platform for medical classrooms which is a ‘robust teaching-learning platform” and App based self-learning platform for medical and healthcare students.


Tutor/ Classroom Version

S3D Medimagic is the world’s first stereoscopic medical educator aligned to the curriculum with a seamless, authentic, high-resolution, natural and real-like animations and annotation tools with direct sharing to students.

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Medimagic APP

Medimagic is the application version of S3D Medimagic for self-directed learning.

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