Neuroanatomy in the simplest form can be defined as the study of nervous system. However, studying the structures of the nervous system and correlating their functions is not simple. It is very essential for the medical students and anatomists to focus their understanding at two different levels. The macroscopic level to understand structural anatomy as well as the microscopic level to understand the relationships between neurons and glia which form the core of the nervous system.

The long-practiced use of two-dimensional images and atlases are not enough in this regard; as these practices greatly relies on an individual’s ability to apply their knowledge in a three-dimensional perspective. Another commonly practiced method which involves studying through dissection of cadavers may contribute to a better understanding of the three-dimensional structure to some extent. However, it is essential to know that the functioning of the nervous system is better understood when they are studied as a live action and not just through knowing the structural anatomy of the nervous system. So, the ability to appreciate the spatial orientation of the nervous system visually is very helpful to understand the interactions between its various parts both structurally and functionally.

Working in this regard, S3D Medi-Magic has come out with extensive and exquisite stereoscopic three-dimensional neuroanatomy videos to facilitate a wonderful and novel learning experience. This enables our learners to greatly enhance their knowledge and understanding of the subject and apply it effectively in clinical practice.

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