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    swathi mishra

    In the adult life also the vaccination can be taken
    So if a individual takes the vaccine after 18yrs 1st dose and the gap between the 1st and 2nd dose should be a month ,if the individual is still willing to take the vaccine but he has completed more then 10 to 11months right now.
    So is it advisable to take the vaccine for 2nd dose.?

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      Shreeya Kale

      Hi, Swathi Mishra. Thank you for reaching out to MediMagic. We can help you. Assuming the vaccine is for Hepatitis B, the individual concerned should continue where they left off. Their second dose can be taken now. However, they will also need a third dose that is a minimum of 8 weeks after their second dose. Preferably 4-6 months from their second dose. We hope this answers your query.

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